Chilling Markha Rupshu Trek

Day 01: Drive Leh – Alchi – Lamayuru – Ulleytokpo (180 km)

Morning after breakfast, drive to Ulleytokpo. En-route visit Alchi monastery. Today you drive on Leh-Srinagar highway. On the way, you travel through spectacular and magnificent view of landscape and its beautiful mountains, sometime imposing gorge and you pass across Magnetic hill, confluence of Indus and Zanskar before Nimoo village; beautiful and charming villages of Ladakh. After Saspol village, you cross Indus River over a bridge on left and follow the road that leads to Alchi. Visit the 1000 years Gelugpa sect monastery built by Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo. Later drive to Lamayuru (58km). Visit Lamayuru monastery, beautifully founded on hill top with awesome view of landcape of valley by Arahat Nimagung. After the visit, return back to Ulleytopo (54 km). Overnight; Ulley resort. (2300m)

Day 02: Drive Ulleytokpo – Chilling then trek to Skiu (3/4 hrs trek)
Morning post breakfast, drive back along the highway as far as Nimo village. Pass Nimo village then turn right and continue drive on narrow road towards river. While enjoying the view of confluence of Indus and Zanskar you drive along the upstream Zanskar River. You pass through stunning gorges, beautiful villages. Pass Chilling village and drive further few kilometers as far as trolley point. You get down here then enjoy cable car riding to cross the Indus. Then begin your first day trek with easy gentle trek to Skiu. Leaving behind Zanskar river you enter in Markha valley. Pass Kaya village and continue upward along the well define trek route to Skiu. Overnight at camp in skiu. (3650m)

Day 03: Trek Skiu – Markha (6/7 hrs)
From Skiu, good path on the right bank of the Markha. A great deal of vegetation. Today you cross the river and it is advisable to carry one extra pair of shoe in your bag so that you may not get wet. Continue along the left side of River, cross the river and barren plain, go back on to the right bank and arrive in Chaluk (a beautiful small village).Go to the river cross it and continue walk along the left bank. Cross last river towards right, then after 20 minutes, beautiful village Markha. Good and nice campsite near the river. Overnight at Camp. (3850m)

Day 04: Trek Markha – Langthangchan (5/6 hrs)
Leave camp after breakfast, cross the bridge; gradual ascend up towards the village Monastery. Visit the monastery and few meters descend, leaving behind village, follow the path and continue up along the valley. Today again, we have to cross river two or three times, pass the Humlung monastery and carry on along the left side of the river and arrive in Hankar village with several houses. Pass the village, the path improves a bit beyond Hankar, broad valley on the right-hand side. Cross the river over a wooden bridge and follow the valley to the left along the Langthang Chu upstream River. The River has the tendency of rising by late afternoon due to snow melting in the mountains. Therefore, an early start is recommended, as you have to cross the river several times. Nice and greenery campsite. Overnight: camp near the river. (4650m)

Day 05: Trek Lantangchan – Yakrupal (5/6 hrs)
Morning after breakfast, continue easy trek upwards along the upstream river (Langtangchu). You pass across imposing meadows but you enjoy river crossing several times. This is the summer camp of Hankar village. It provides wonderful landscape of surrounding mountains. Possible to see groups of yak and colonies of marmots. Continue up as far as Yakrupal (summer pastureland). Campsite near river across enchanting meadow. Overnight at camp. (4497m)

Day 06: Trek Yakrupal – Zanlungkarpo-la (5197m) – Sorra (6/7 hrs)
As usual after breakfast, continue up along the upstream river and scenic valley towards the top of the pass. Leaving behind the river on the way, you enter in another valley towards right side. You enjoy easy and gentle trek as far as top of the pass. From the top of the pass, you enjoy the spectacular and awesome view of valley and enchanting mountains of Zanskar range on one side and on the other side, the plateau of Changthang stretching far into Tibet. Cross the pass and gently steep descend down and continue trek down as far as Sorra. Campsite near river across beautiful meadows. Overnight at camp. (4210m)

Day 07: Trek Sorra - Dat (6/7 hrs)
As usual after breakfast continue trek down in valley. Follow narrow path beyond the last house of Sorra. The path goes in to awe inspiring and spectacular gorge with plenty of trees. Cross the Sorra River and continue up to Dat River. These two rivers flow in to Zanskar River further on leaving the valley go in to Sorra transversal valley. You cross both the rivers and continue upwards towards east then the valley becomes very broad. Follow the clear path across beautiful meadows and continue upwards through plain and wide area. The path pass through several Maniwalls and Chortens; and wonderful landscape of the valley. Finally you reach at your destination. Late afternoon enjoy the imposing view of landscape and spend your leisure time captivating the scenic beauty of nature. The campsite is spectacular near the village with different kind of domestic animals across the meadows. Visit the Nomadic village monastery and interact with the villagers. Overnight at camp. (4140m)

Day 08: Trek Dat – Yakra-la (4830m) - Lungmoche (6/7 hrs)
Post breakfast, you continue with easy and nice walk for 3 hours through wide and plain area of valley that leads to Yarla pass. From the top of the pass, you enjoy the fantastic and magnificent view of Rupshu valley. Easy descend to the summer camp of Lungmoche village. Good and nice campsite across beautiful meadows. Overnight camp at Lungmoche. (4410m)

Day 09: Trek Lungmoche – Jakang (5/6 hrs)
Morning: after breakfast, continue easy trek from the camp to go up along the superb vast open valley as far as the end of the valley and turn left side and then go up to Jakang village which is the summer pastureland camp of Nomads. Overnight at camp in Jakang across beautiful meadows. (4450m)

Day 10: Trek Jakang – Tsokar Lake/ Pongunagu (6/7 hrs)
After breakfast start the trek to the wide and plain terrain along the upstream small river. Take right side and cross the Leh-Manali highway. Continue along the trek path across the highway then turn in left valley to reach at the camp Pongunagu across the splendid Tsokar Lake. Afternoon, enjoy the scenic beauty of lake and enchanting landscape. Overnight at camp across the meadow. (4590m)

Tsokar Lake is approximately 95 km. northwest of the Tsomoriri Lake at a height of (4,490m). It is also called "White Lake" because of the salt deposited around it- this is because there is no outlet from the lake which makes the water brackish. In ancient times, the salt from the lake used to take out and sell it all over Ladakh and Kashmir by the local nomads known as the Changpas. Tsokar Lake is breeding grounds for a variety of birds among them the bar-headed goose, the great crested grebe, the Brahmin duck and the brown headed gull.

Day 11: Trek Ponganagu - Nuruchen (5 ½ Hours)
Morning after breakfast, start your adventurous and challenging trek. Today, you enjoy easy trek along with the Tsokar Lake upon vast open plateau as far as Nuruchan where you find as many as animals including Yaks. You enjoy the trek with spectacular landscape of the valley and you see many birds and wild Ass (Skyang) and wonderful Tibet plateau. Keep on easy walk along the right valley as far as Nuruchan village. Pass Nuruchan village and continue along the stream for few minutes to campsite across meadows. Overnight at camp near the small river. (4690m)

Day 12: Trek Nuruchen – Horlamkongka-la (4910m) - Rachungkaru (4 ½ Hours)
Today you cross small pass Horlamla (4900 Mt). Easily and gently ascend till top of pass. You enjoy magnificent view of surrounding mountains and enchanting landscape with Tsokar Lake. Cross the pass, easy and gentle trek down till riverbed. Continue up along with upstream river till Rajung Karu. You find many Nomadic camps with their animals grazing across the meadows. Afternoon explore the Nomadic way of life and interact with the nomads by visiting their camps. You find plenty of Yaks, sheep and Pashmina Goats. Overnight at camp across beautiful meadows. (4800m)
Day 13: Trek Rachungkaru – Kyamayuri-la (5430m) – Kartse-la (5380m) – Gyama (6 hrs)
From the camp, you pass through Nomadic camp and crossing of small stream then gradually ascend to the pass Kyamayuri-la (5300m).Enjoy the view of beautiful and enchanting landscape Rupshu valley. Cross the pass then continue easy and gentle trek as far as summer pasture of Nomadic camp. Amazing and awe inspiring view of landscape as you descend down in the valley. Overnight at camp in Gyamarburma. And on the right side there is another small pass Kartse-la (5000m), cross and easy descend then arrive in Gyama, nomadic camp. Nice and Beautiful camping site across greenery patch. Overnight at camp. (5080m)

Day 14: Trek Gyama – Yarlung Nyau-la (5440m) – Korzok (7 Hrs)
Morning, after breakfast continue trek to Korzok. Today you cross one pass during the day. Very easy and gentle ascend right from the camping till the top of the pass Yarlung Nyaula (5440m). Continue along the small stream towards north-east in the imposing valley and it takes one and half hours to reach at the top. You capture the scenic beauty of Lake Tsomoriri and Tibetan plateau. Steep easy descend as far as summer pastureland (Korzok Phu) where you find Nomadic camps. You still have more than 30 minutes of trek from here, pass the Korzok phu and continue along the downstream small river as far as Korzok village. Arrive at campsite.Afternoon, visit Korzok Monastery and enjoy short hike around wonderful and splendid Tsomoriri Lake. Overnight at campsite. (4620m)

Tsomoriri Lake located in the Changthang (northern plains) area, is a High Altitude Lake with an altitude of 4620m, is the largest of the High Altitude Lakes in the Trans-Himalayan biogeographic region, entirely within India. It is 23 km. long and 4 to 5 km. wide and is hemmed between Ladakh in the North and Tibet in the east and Zanskar in the west; the Changthang plateau is the geographical setting with snow peaks that provides the source of water for the Lake. Accessibility to the lake is limited to summer season only. Tsomoriri Lake is also breeding grounds for a variety of birds among them the bar-headed goose, the great crested grebe, the Brahmin duck and the brown headed gull.

Day 15: Drive Korzok – Leh (230 km)
Today you have long journey but you pass through superb, enchanting valleys and charming villages nestle across the Indus River. Morning after breakfast, drive to Leh via Mahebridge where you join with Indus River. Arrive Leh by afternoon. Overnight at hotel.


No. of Pax

Cost only includes for Trekking

02 to 03 Pax

€835 per person

04 to 06 Pax

€815 per person

07 to 09 Pax

€790 per person

10 to 12 Pax

€775 per person

Sham Valley Trek

Leh | Likir | Yangthang | Hemis Shukpachan | Temisgam | Lamayuru | Alchi | Leh

Days : 3 Trek
Highest Altitude : 3750m
Grade : Easy
Price Starting : €300 per person

Lamayuru Darcha Trek
(19N / 20D)

Leh | Alchi | Lamayuru | Kanji | kanji Dok | Shillakong | Photoksar | Zingchen | Hanamur Village | Shilla | Phugtal | Kargyak | Manali

Days : 19 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5100m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €1220 per person

Rumtse Tsomoriri Trek
(8N / 9D)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Indus Valley Trek
(7Nights / 8Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 6 Trek
Highest Altitude : 4720m
Grade: Easy
Price Starting : €545 per person

Chilling Rupshu Trek
(14Nights / 15Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Markha Valley Trek
(7Nights/ 8Days)

Leh | Spituk | Zingchen | Skiu | Markha | Hanker | Nimaling | Shangsumdo Sumdo | Hemis | Thiksey | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person