Stok Hemis Trek

Day 01: Drive Leh – Stok then trek Stok – Lartsa (14km drive- 3hrs trek)
After breakfast, drive to Stok via Choglamsar by crossing a bridge on the river Indus. In Stok, visit the royal Palace which constructed by the king Tsespal Tondup Namgyal in 1825. Inside the palace, you see great collection of ancient royal ornaments, Thankas and old statues. After visiting Stok Palace, drive further ahead for a kilometer to visit Stok Gurphuk moasntery. Visit the monastery that dates back to the 14th century and was founded by Lama Lhawang Lotus. Stok monastery is a subsidiary of the Spituk Gompa and belongs to the yellow-hat sect of Buddhism. Later drive to trekking point. Get down then start easy short trek along the valley up as far as Lartsa (pastureland of villager). Good and nice campsite across beautiful meadows. Overnight at camp (3700m)
Day 02: Trek Lartsa – Stok-la (4850m) – Gandala Base
Morning after breakfast with awesome view of the valley, continue your trek with gently ascending along the upstream river. The path goes slowly up in ascending till the base then steep ascent to the pass. You enjoy awesome and spectacular view of Indus valley with enormous magnificent towering mountains. Cross the pass, then steep descend down as far as lunar landscape of barren terrain. Continue along the clear trek path that goes down towards charming Rumbak village. Pass the village, take left, cross the river then gently walk up along the right side. You pass Yurutse village (one house), then continue trek with gradual ascent as far as Base of Gandala pass. Overnight at camp. (4500m)
Day 03: Trek Gandala Base – Gandala (4900m ) – Skiu
Right from the camp, you gradually ascend to the pass. Long ascend along zigzag path as far as top of the pass. From the top, you capture spectacular and imposing view of landscape. Cross the pass then easy and gentle descent down in the valley. Pass Shingo village and stunning gorge. When the valley opens out, you reach at Skiu village. Take left then easy trek for few minutes takes you to campsite. Good and nice campsite across the meadows near the river. Afternoon, visit the village monastery and explore this remote village of Markha valley. Overnight at camp. (3350m)
Day 04: Trek Skiu – Markha (6/7 hrs)
Today you have easy long trek, crossing of river but with enjoyable spectacular landscape across the trek. Morning after breakfast, continue trek along good path on the right bank of the Markha river. A great deal of greenery with full of willow, Poplar trees and see buckthorn bushes. Then on the left bank (bridge) cross a barren plain, go back onto the right bank (bridge) and then you reach at Chaluk village. Pass the village; continue towards the riverbank to cross. Cross the river then go on along the left bank. Cross the last river towards right then short and gentle climb leads you to Markha (charming village). Good and nice campsite across the meadows near the river. Overnight at camp. (4280m)
Day 05: Trek Markha – Hanker – Thachungtse (6 hrs)
Today you cross the river several times and you pass across beautiful landscape of Markha valley surrounded with huge wonderful towering mountains. Leave camp after breakfast for Thanchungtse. Follow the clear trek route along the right bank of main valley. The path is sometimes little bit difficult in the riverbed. Pass the monastery of Humlung. Then, carry on along the right bank river as far as Hankar village. Pass this charming village. The Path improves a bit beyond Hanker; leave a broad valley on the right-hand side. The valley narrow and goes higher but with panoramic landscape. Cross the river over a wooden bidge towards right then continue trek further for few meters to reach at the pasture land of Thachungtse with colonies of Marmot. Overnight at camp across the meadow near the Markha River. (4240m)
Day 06: Trek Thachungtse – Nimaling (4 hrs)
Leave camp after breakfast for Nimaling. The path can be seen easily from the camp. Follow the clear route and continue up along right side. Easy walk in the beginning then gradual ascend, several small incline, as far as Small Lake. The river is rather far to the left (gorge). From the Lake, you capture the view of wonderful and enchanting view of snow clad Kangyatse massif peak (6400m). pass the lake, then continue easy trek by following path across lunar landscape of barren terrain as far as Nimaling that is one of the most enchanting and marvelous high valley in Ladakh ( 4700m) dominated by the spectacular Kangyatse massif(6400m). Here you find several Shepherds with their animals (Sheep, Yak, Baby Yak Cow, horse, Goat) grazing across the beautiful meadows. Afternoon, hike across Nimaling and enjoy the view of panoramic landscape of the scenic Markha valley. Overnight at camp. (4740m)
Day 07: Trek Nimaling – Kongmaru-la (5260m) – Shangsumdo (7/8 hrs)
Morning after breakfast, continue trek with crossing of stream over wooden bridge. Cross the stream then ascend gradually to the rolling ridge (like small pass). You enjoy wonderful landscape of valley with some zigzag trail up to the Kongmaru–la (5150m). Enjoy eternal awe inspiring and wonderful view of Kangyatse and enchanting Markha valley on one side, on other side marvelous and imposing view of Indus valley. Cross the pass, Steep descent down as far as campsite. Pass a campsite and continue easy and long descend down with downstream stream along the marvelous gorge. Several easy crossing of stream. Leave the gorge and keep walking on the left bank to stream as far as Chuskirmo (spring salt water). Continue trek, sometimes in the riverbed, right bank, and again on left bank. You pass across small charming village of Chokdo. Pass the village and continue easy descent down in the valley as far as charming village Shangsumdo. Campsite across meadow. Overnight: camp with campfire (3450 m)
Day 08: Drive Shangsumdo – Hemis – Thiksey – Shey - Leh (58 km)
Morning after breakfast, drive to Leh via Hemis, Thiksey and Shey monastery. You drive along valley down till Martselang village. Then turn left towards Hemis monastery hidden behind the wonderful mountains. Arrive Hemis, visit the monastery. The great Mahasiddha Staktsang Raspa along with 35th King of Ladakh Singey Namgyal built this biggest, Drugpa sect monastery in 16th century. After visiting this monastery, continue drive to Thiksey monastery, visit Gelugpa sect monastery, picturesquely founded on hill top by the great Lama Paldan Shesrap in 14th century. It provides imposing view of Indus valley and surrounding wonderful mountains and its snow clad peaks. It houses the exquisite big statue of the Maitreya Buddha (Future Buddha). Later, drive to Leh via visiting Shey Palace wherein you visit big copper gilt statue of Lord Buddha dating back 1633AD. Overnight at hotel in Leh.


No. of Pax

Cost only includes for Trekking Portion from Leh to Leh

02 to 03 Pax

€485 per person

04 to 06 Pax

€430 per person

07 to 09 Pax

€390 per person

10 to 12 Pax

€360 per person

Sham Valley Trek

Leh | Likir | Yangthang | Hemis Shukpachan | Temisgam | Lamayuru | Alchi | Leh

Days : 3 Trek
Highest Altitude : 3750m
Grade : Easy
Price Starting : €300 per person

Lamayuru Darcha Trek
(19N / 20D)

Leh | Alchi | Lamayuru | Kanji | kanji Dok | Shillakong | Photoksar | Zingchen | Hanamur Village | Shilla | Phugtal | Kargyak | Manali

Days : 19 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5100m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €1220 per person

Rumtse Tsomoriri Trek
(8N / 9D)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Indus Valley Trek
(7Nights / 8Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 6 Trek
Highest Altitude : 4720m
Grade: Easy
Price Starting : €545 per person

Chilling Rupshu Trek
(14Nights / 15Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Markha Valley Trek
(7Nights/ 8Days)

Leh | Spituk | Zingchen | Skiu | Markha | Hanker | Nimaling | Shangsumdo Sumdo | Hemis | Thiksey | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person