Indus Valley Trek

Day 01: Drive Leh – Spituk - Phyang – Likir – Hemis Shukpachan (70 km)
Post breakfast, drive on Leh-Srinagar highway to Hemis Shukpachan. Today you drive on Leh-Srinagar highway till Likir village (55 km). On the way, you enjoy spectacular landscape, confluence of Indus and Zanskar River; charming villages and marvelous huge towering mountains. En route visit Gelugpa sect monastery of Spituk and Digung sect monastery of Phyang and picturesque monastery of Likir. After visiting Likir monastery continue drive to Hemis Shukpachan (beautiful and enchanting village). Late afternoon explore village and in the evening visit local house and discover the lifestyle of villagers. Overnight at camp.
Day 02: Trek Hemis Shukpachan – Mebtak-la (3720m) – Temisgam – Tia (6 hrs)
Morning; after breakfast, begin your first day trek with gentle easy trek towards Temisgam. After crossing the village, gentle walk on a flat terrain and then steep descent, which is followed by deep gorge and then again you climb a steep slope to the summit of Mebtak-la pass (3720 m).It is little bit difficult but slowly and steadily with zigzag route, it seems easy and it takes about 30 minutes to reach at the top of Mebtak-la. From the top of the pass, you enjoy awe inspiring view of landscape and surrounding mountains. Cross the pass gentle descent through a narrow valley up to Ang village. Continue trek for more than ½ hour to reach at campsite in Temisgam village (a charming village).visit Temisgam castle built on hill top with imposing view of enchanting valley and village full of apricot and walnut orchid., After visiting the castle, continue easy trek along the beautiful village towards right valley. It provides spectacular and amazing view of landscape of the valley. Continue upwards as far as Tia village. Late afternoon, visit small monastery and nunnery. Evening; visit local house. Overnight at camp in Tia village. (3550m)
Day 03: Trek Tia - Temong-la (3900) - Skyndiyang (4/5 hrs)
Morning after breakfast, you take our first day of trek along the valley to the left from the camping. At the end of the greenery field, cross the stream, flows on the left side of us, using a small bridge towards left. Cross the river, gently ascend towards rocky ridge and then you reach at the top of Temong-la (3900m). Cross the pass, then continue gentle trek along the path rising slowly up on the left –right side of a shallow valley-Green patches. Easy and gentle ascent to Cham-la (4040m). Continue along the left trail and then to right of a V-shaped valley as far as Chorten (Stupa) from where you see Skyndiyang village below. Steep descent till the campsite. Late afternoon explore village and interact with the villager. Overnight at camp on meadows. (3540m)
Day 04: Trek Skyndiyang - Sedhchan-la (3950m) - Nyarmu - Lanamo-la - Smolchang (6/7 hrs)
Today, you enjoy different view of beautiful and colorful mountains. After breakfast, cross the river towards the left, continue straight to ascend the pass, following zigzag trial and finally reach at top of Sedhchan-la 3950m.From the top, you enjoy everlasting view of enchanting landscape, colorful and wonderful towering mountains with snow clad peaks. Easy descent downward towards right as far as green patches 3740m, possible to see animals (Yaks). Follow the valley down and cross over to a well-marked path where the valley narrows and dives off to the left. Follow the path descend down while crossing ridge. Good lunch spot across the river (Pasture and grazing 3600m) known as Yarmu Dok. Post Lunch, steep ascent to left towards ridge and continue ascending by following winding path the top of the Lamamo-la 3830m. From the pass we descend down by following zigzag and in the middle of descend there are two path, one leading down in the valley and one leading towards right towards right, we have to follow the path which leads right and traverse around small col. The horses have to go down further and then come back up at the camping from the other side. Eventually, we reach at small ridge like a col from where we can see the beautiful and good camping place with greenery with big old tree. Overnight camp (3600m)
Day 05: Trek Smolchang - Samun-la 3940m - Dhomkahar-Gongma (6/7 hrs)
From the camp we continue our trek up in small gorge over the greenery along the water stream. Continue up, some rocky steps to start with and then it opens out. Continue along left side and then towards right, ascend up direct by following in zigzag trial up to the top called Samun-la 3940m. From the top of the pass, we will have spectacular panorama of landscape. Descend easily up to a small rocky ridge when it suddenly steeps, steep descend few meters. At this point, you enjoy beautiful awesome colorful rocky mountain. The path descends down into valley, coming in from the right to a small stream and grass. Continue down the deep cut valley on left of stream as far as old fencing wall of villager, turn right and continue towards river. Cross the river towards road and continue up along the road as far as o Dhomkhar-Gongma (a beautiful village). Pass the community hall of the village and enter in another rarvine and continue for few minutes to reach at camp near spring water across nice meadow. Overnight at camp in Dhomkhar-Gongma (3720m)
Day 06: Trek Dhomkhar-Gongma - Tang-la 4550m - Yakra-la 4720m - Skyurbuchan-dok (5/6 hrs)
As usual after breakfast, continue trek up the valley and take the left hand side branch of the large cairn. Follow this valley all the way up to the Tang-la 4550m. The valley steepens but slackens as the pass comes into view. The path is variable, so follow the animal tracks. From the Tang-la, contour around to the right to a small subsidiary pass and then straight up to the right to an obvious skyline pass Yakra-la 4720m. You enjoy spectacular and amazing view of enchanting landscape and imposing mountains. Continue over slight ridges and then traverse down and around until one gets a plunging view of Skyurbuchan Dok down in valley on right side. Descend the ridge steeply to flattish ridge and via three large zigzags work one's way down this flank back onto the ridge lower down. Continue straight down as far as motor road then trek further for few meters to reach at campsite. Overnight at camp. (3200m)
Day 07: Trek Skyubuchan-Dok - Skyurbuchan (3 hrs)
Today you walk back down in the valley along the road towards and up to the Skyurbuchan village, Explore the Skyurbuchan village (beautiful and charming village) and visit the village monastery, the protector of the monastery is female deity called Apchi Choski Dolma. Overnight camp near the village's School. (3100m)

Day 08: Drive Skyurbuchan - Dha-Hanu – Alchi – Leh
You drive along with downstream Indus River. Morning after breakfast, drive to Dha-Hanu,an area only 19 Kilometers from the Pakistani border. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize the military presence in this area. Dha Hanu is in the Kargil region west of Leh. The people are of pure Indo-Aryan stock, perhaps descending from the army of Alexander of Macedonia. There are only about 3,000 people settled in five villages high above the Indus River. You can get major "fiber-fix" - picking apricots, eating apricots. They are so yummy. The villages in Dha Hanu are extensively farmed: grains; tomatoes; vegetables; fruits (the yummy apricots), grapes; and imposing flowers. After exploring the village and visiting the monastery, drive back to Leh. En route you visit Alchi monastery .you pass through as many as beautiful and charming villages, enchanting landscape of valleys, stunning gorges huge marvelous mountains. Cross the Indus before Saspol village, then continue drive for few kilometers. Visit well preserved ancient monastery of Alchi, founded by Great Lama Lotsava Rinchen Zanpo 1000 years ago. Later continue drive to Leh, still 68km. Arrive Leh by afternoon. Overnight at hotel.(3500m)


No. of Pax

Cost only includes for Trekking Portion from Leh to Leh

02 to 03 Pax

€615 per person

04 to 06 Pax

€560 per person

07 to 09 Pax

€510 per person

10 to 12 Pax

€485 per person

Sham Valley Trek

Leh | Likir | Yangthang | Hemis Shukpachan | Temisgam | Lamayuru | Alchi | Leh

Days : 3 Trek
Highest Altitude : 3750m
Grade : Easy
Price Starting : €300 per person

Lamayuru Darcha Trek
(19N / 20D)

Leh | Alchi | Lamayuru | Kanji | kanji Dok | Shillakong | Photoksar | Zingchen | Hanamur Village | Shilla | Phugtal | Kargyak | Manali

Days : 19 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5100m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €1220 per person

Rumtse Tsomoriri Trek
(8N / 9D)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Indus Valley Trek
(7Nights / 8Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 6 Trek
Highest Altitude : 4720m
Grade: Easy
Price Starting : €545 per person

Chilling Rupshu Trek
(14Nights / 15Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Markha Valley Trek
(7Nights/ 8Days)

Leh | Spituk | Zingchen | Skiu | Markha | Hanker | Nimaling | Shangsumdo Sumdo | Hemis | Thiksey | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person