Kanji Chilling Trek

Day 01: Drive Leh – Alchi – Lamayuru –Hinaskut - Kanji (170 km)
Today you have amazing and spectacular view of mountains and confluence of Zanskar and Indus River, beautiful villages. Morning after breakfast, drive on Leh-Srinagar highway to Lamayuru, en-route visit Alchi, situated at a distance of 68 Km from Leh. Alchi monastery was built by great Lama Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo (The great translator) 1000 years ago and is considered to be the most famous and largest among the entire monastery built by him. After the visit, continue drive to Lamayuru which is 58km from Alchi. Lamayuru monastery was constructed by Arahat Nimagung in between 10th and 11th century. History says that in the 11th century the Mahasidha Naropa visited this place and the cave where he resided and meditated is still to be seen inside the monastery. After the visit continue your journey to Kanji, still 40 km drives. Arrive Kanji, overnight at camp.(3850m)

Day 02: Trek Kanji – Kanji Dok (3/4 hrs)
Morning after breakfast, you explore the village and attract with the innocent villagers. About 15 houses. After then you start your first day trek with easy trek along the right side of upstream river. After the easy walk for 2hrs, you have gentle ascent and then you arrive at small hamlet where you find the campsite. The view of the valley and its stunning mountains from here is indescribable. Enjoy the scenic beauty of nature of Himalayan Mountains. Overnight at camp. (4100m)

Day 03: Trek Kanji Dok – Yogma-la (4720m) – Shillakong (5/6 hrs)
Leave camp after breakfast. While enjoying the morning sunshine you ascend towards the Yogma-la (4720m) right from the camp. From the top of the pass you have spectacular view of landscape. After enjoying few minutes at the top you have gentle descent and then you arrive at the camp. (4300m)

Day 04: Trek Shillakong – Nigutse-la (5100m) - Urtsi Dok (5/6 hrs)
Morning after the breakfast, continue the trek by following the well-defined and clear trek route on the left bank of the river. En-route, amazing and beautiful landscape. After few hours of trek, you reach at the top of the Nigutse-la (5100m). At the top of the pass, you will find yourself top of the world and get the stunning and enchanting view of unforgettable landscape with different mountains of Himalayan range. Cross the pass and then descend in beautiful lost valley opening on an immense plain where you find many animals like sheep, goats and yaks etc. Overnight Camp. (4500m)

Day 05: Trek Urtsi Dok – Hanupatta (5/6 hrs)
As usual after breakfast, continue the trek with ascending the ridge right from the camping. Follow the clear path on rolling ridge and from here you see the Sirsir-la pass (Trek route to Zanskar). Descend down in towards the river below. Continue down along with downstream river till you reach near a bridge. From this point, you follow well defined trek route and continue easy trek down to Hanupatta. Enjoy the view of wonderful valleys and its landscape. Good and nice campsite before the village. Evening, explore the village. Overnight at Camp. (3750m)

Day 06: Trek Hanupatta – Phanjila (5/6 hrs)
Leave camp after breakfast then long descent into the valley till we reach Hanupatta. From Hunupatta continue the trek across the slop until entering the gorges. Pass a ridge, then go down until reaching a good bridge across the Yapola river. Then, some easy and difficult stretches (fallen rocks) until Phenjilla. A few meters beyond the village, cross again onto the left banks (bridge). You reach at camp in Phanjila village. Overnight at camp near the river. (3300m)

Day 07: Trek Phanjila – Kongski- la Base (6/7 hrs)
From the camp we have a nice walk up along right bank of river in left valley up. At some point the the trail goes up ascending across dense trees. Gently climb up and you reach near a house from where you ascend slowly for few meters towards road. Continue along the road as far as Hinju village (remote village). Pass the village and continue trek laong right of the valley till you reach at campsite near small river. Overnight camp at Kongski-la Base. (3870m)

Day 08: Trek Kongski-la Base (4950m) Sumdochenmo (7 hrs)
From camp you go along with the river. At the end of the river, you pass through the nomadic summer camp of village of Hinju and then steep ascent to the Kongskila pass. While enjoying the landscape of the surrounding wonderful mountains and valley, gently ascend to the pass. From the top, you enjoy awe inspiring view of landscape of the enchanting valley far flung view next day's passes to cross. Easy and gentle descent down in the valley and continue down as far as Sumdochenmo. Possible to see troupe of Yaks. of Overnight camp near Small River. Overnight at camp (3950m)

Day 09: Trek Sumdochenmo – Lanak-la (4210m) – Base of Dundunchan (6 hours trek)
After breakfast, start the trek along with the riverside and gorges. On the way, you pass across a beautiful and charming village with few houses known as Sumdochenmo. Visit local house and take some refreshment after then continue trek on right-side down in the splendid valley as far as River. Cross the small river, then gradually climb up to the steep pass Lanakla (4300 Mt). Enjoy the view of superb and spectacular mountains and valley from the top. Cross the pass, you keep on easy and gentle trek as far as Dundunchen base with awe inspiring view. You may be able to see domestic and wild animals around here. Overnight camp at base of Dundunchan. (4250m)

Day 10: Trek Lanak – Dundunchan-la (4720m) - Chilling (6/7 hrs)
Morning after breakfast, right from the camp gradually ascend up towards the Dundunchen pass. You pass across Shepherds, displaying their handmade skills and things and asking you to buy their products, of Chilling village while climbing the pass. From the pass, you everlasting lost landscape of surrounding valleys and snow clad peak of huge towering stunning mountains. Enjoy the unforgettable scenery of Awe inspiring view of massif peak of Kangyatse (6400m) and Stok Kangri (massif peak, 6100m). Easy steep descend, with imposing view of surrounding spectacular valleys and Zanskar river,as far as riverbed to cross the river 2 to 3 times up to Chilling. Late afternoon, explore village, its famous craftsmen and visit monastery and local house. Overnight camp at Chilling (3210m)

Day 11: Drive Chilling - Leh (65 km)
After breakfast, leave chilling for Leh. You drive through stunning and exquisite gorges, beautiful villages and along downstream Zanskar River till Nimo village where you rejoin with Leh-Manali highway. Arrive Leh, overnight at hotel.


No. of Pax

Cost only includes for Trekking

02 to 03 Pax

€635 per person

04 to 06 Pax

€605 per person

07 to 09 Pax

€585 per person

10 to 12 Pax

€565 per person

Sham Valley Trek

Leh | Likir | Yangthang | Hemis Shukpachan | Temisgam | Lamayuru | Alchi | Leh

Days : 3 Trek
Highest Altitude : 3750m
Grade : Easy
Price Starting : €300 per person

Lamayuru Darcha Trek
(19N / 20D)

Leh | Alchi | Lamayuru | Kanji | kanji Dok | Shillakong | Photoksar | Zingchen | Hanamur Village | Shilla | Phugtal | Kargyak | Manali

Days : 19 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5100m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €1220 per person

Rumtse Tsomoriri Trek
(8N / 9D)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Indus Valley Trek
(7Nights / 8Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 6 Trek
Highest Altitude : 4720m
Grade: Easy
Price Starting : €545 per person

Chilling Rupshu Trek
(14Nights / 15Days)

Leh | Rumtse | Chorten Sumdo | Mandalchan la | Tsokar Lake | Nuruchan | Rachungkaru | Gyama | Korzok | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person

Markha Valley Trek
(7Nights/ 8Days)

Leh | Spituk | Zingchen | Skiu | Markha | Hanker | Nimaling | Shangsumdo Sumdo | Hemis | Thiksey | Leh

Days : 7 Trek
Highest Altitude : 5440m
Grade: Hard
Price Starting : €545 per person